Roxi Shohadaee

EMRG Associate

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Roxi Shohadaee is an interdisciplinary designer, experiential producer, artist and creative doula. She works at the intersection of art, science, experience and technology to catalyze social and systemic change through inclusive, transdisciplinary collaborations for the regeneration of our planet and culture. Her path is grounded in a commitment to creating inspiring and embodied ways of learning together.

She spent the past year as the Experiential Producer for Planet Home - showcasing and creating immersive and interactive experiences designed to accelerate mass adoption of solutions to how we EAT, MAKE, MOVE, and LIVE for planetary equilibrium. She recently completed a 9 month cycle as an advisor for End of You, an immersive experience that just closed at Gray Area exploring how we can rethink our relationship with the living world.

Her work as an immersive experience designer, creative producer, project manager, butoh + ritual performer and contemporary artist traverses scales, from land based projects to civic installations. Some notable projects include co-producing LMNL at Onedome, co-founding Wild Vessel and Reimagine: End of Life, Producing, Curating and Coordinating Art + Interactive for Lighting in a Bottle, Symbiosis and Okeechobee Music Festivals and co-producing the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference, Desert Arts Preview and Artists' Symposium.

She is committed to studying and listening to nature’s regenerative system design to inform and inspire holistic collaboration.

Her purpose and passion lies at the intersection of supporting and playfully sparking collective creative potential to design platforms, programs and experiences that reach, educate and inspire diverse groups of people. She is a deep believer and practitioner in designing for states of being, having those states of being prime us for connection with ourselves, each other and our beautiful living planet!