EMRG: Projects

Professor John Crawford and associates in UC Irvine's Emergent Media Research Group (EMRG) work in a diverse, collaborative framework, developing performances. exhibitions and artistic research dedicated to tangible, sensorial and experiential outcomes.

Dancers performing in Living in the Tempest

Direct Engagement & Relevant Impact

With a focus on socially engaged artmaking, Prof. Crawford and associates in the Emergent Media Research Group want to do more than entertain people or create beauty for its own sake we want to do these things in the service of relevant impact for social good. To that end, we feel it's essential for artists and designers to explore new forms of expression enabled by emerging technical capabilities such as kinetic media, interactive software, AR/VR (augmented and virtual reality), computer gaming, speculative design and social media connectivity. Directly engaging with new technologies in the context of artistic production can spark development of products and services for positive change. We believe that design methodologies oriented to developing creative solutions should be paired with artistic methodologies that can reveal problems and critique existing structures.