Embodied Media @ UCI

We connect people through applied cultural research in media art and design, producing tangible outcomes that incorporate creative exhibition and performance.

Directed by Professor John Crawford, the Embodied Media Research Group (EMRG) is based at University of California, Irvine. Our work integrates socially engaged artmaking and connected design thinking with emergent media production. We create compelling interactive experiences building upon the transformational technologies of our time.

Leaf emerging from cracked soil

Socially Engaged Artmaking

In collaboration with our communities, we make art that grapples with environmental, cultural and political issues, considering both immediate relevance and future potential for societal change.

Connected Design Thinking

We employ connected, responsible methods based on empathy, ideation, intuition and iteration to guide research and development toward solutions based on people's lived experience and actual needs.

Emergent Media production

We engage with new forms of expression enabled by emerging technologies, perhaps turning these media in directions not foreseen by their creators, opening new pathways for creative thinking.

Current Work

Our projects are dedicated to creating diverse collaborative environments where people engage with challenging ideas in tangible, sensorial and experiential ways. Our courses and collaboratories nurture and engage technology-savvy art makers, storytellers and designers, enabling and inspiring them as changemakers.

Dancers performing in Living in the Tempest

Projects that deploy emerging technologies to make art with relevant impact for social good.

Person exploring an augmented reality system

Courses by Prof. John Crawford and associated faculty for students in all areas of the UCI campus.

People planting together

Collaboratories connecting students and faculty in collaborations with other leading institutions.

Additional Image Credits: Roman Bodnarchuk, HQuality, Linus Nyland, Skye Schmidt, @lovelyday12